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Stillness is the meaning of all things.

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Virupaskah CaveWolter Keers, a dutch teacher on yoga and advaita, met Sri Ramana Maharshi in 1950, just few months before he passed away. He wrote about him and his encounter:
„Bhagavan knew with absolute certainty who and what he was. By abiding in that state, something of that conviction, that supreme knowledge, communicated (mostly in silence) to those around him. In my case it broke through my fears and desires, enabling me to let go of the desire to enrich an imaginary ‘me’.
In this memory of his presence I find myself asking again, ‘What does it mean to me?’: That stillness that he is is the stillness that I am. That stillness is the meaning of all things. To find this stillness, people do all sorts of things, hoping that they will make them happy. Everybody is hungry for this perfect equilibrium, this unfathomable peace. This innermost feeling, which is not really a thought or a feeling, may be called ‘Love’. This, I discovered, is what human beings are: love in search of itself.” ("The Power of Presence" by David Godman) 

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