Yoga-Retreat with Simon Park

12. Jun 2017
16. Jun 2017
525,00 EUR
Yogalehrende / Erfahrene


June 11. – 16. 2017: Flow Yoga-Retreat with Simon Park (USA) at Mondseeland (Austria)

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Restore Your Prana - Enjoy a slowly developing, flowing sequence ofpostures that are restorative in nature, yet heart-opening as well. Practice in a way that creates space in the joints and spine, and calms the nervous system. The movements are similar to the way tai-chi is practiced; slow, methodical and meditative. We will fluidly work toward deep hip-openers, liberating backbends, and calming forward bends moving toward deep relaxation.
Florian will conduct meditations-sessions in the morning and afternoon.
Johannes Vogt will accompany the retreat and one mantra-evening with his guitar. He also offers Thai-Massage during breaks.
Organic brunch will be prepared by Daniela Wolff, dinner by Coco Borsche; beverages, fruits and snacks are included.

Place: Oedmühle: Kasten 31, A 4893 Zell am Moos in Upper-Austria (close to Salzburg)
Price: Teaching:€ 525
Vegetarian full board € 180
(Accomodation is not included)

Deatils about accomodation-possibilities:
See Website and Document below!

Booking & Infos: Damara Berger
+43 680 2285886 
More details you find on the flyer


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