Yoga & Philosophy Retreat with Emil Wendel

29. Aug 2018
2. Sep 2018
525,00 EUR
Yogalehrende / Erfahrene


Aug. 29. – Sept. 2. 2018: Asanas & Beyond Yoga-Retreat with Emil Wendel & Anouk Aoun

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This retreat is designed to immerse the practitioners into both a stimulating postural practice, and the magic that lies beyond the physical aspects of Yoga. Meditation and Pranayama in the early morning is followed by a 2 hrs Asana sequence. Postures are presented on levels that do justice to both more advanced practitioners and beginning students that have had some prior exposure to postural Yoga.
The afternoons introduce a topic of the day (Mantras or Mudras) and yogic philosophy, which will focus on the Hathayoga-Pradipika and its importance for the development of modern yoga.
This workshop is enriched by music performed by Mino Vergnaghi.  He will open the early morning meditations, and lead a sound therapy in the afternoon!
This retreat is for those that wish to search deeper into the spaces within.

Emil Wendel
was born in Switzerland and has been living in Asia since the mid-seventies, studying Sanskrit and Indian Dharma, as well as Chinese philosophy and Taoism in East Asia. Living 25 years in Nepal and India has allowed Emil an exceptional insight into the depth of Indian civilization and its underlying philosophical current. He is sharing this insight in teacher training courses, retreats and workshops all around the world.

Anouk Aoun
has experienced life in a variety of countries such as Nepal, India and Indonesia. The cultural-spiritual encounters with these places have added richness to her teachings. Anouk feels a world beyond our conceptions opens up through the echoes of these ancient practices and she wishes to convey such possibility to her students.

Special organic brunch, dinner, beverages, and snacks will be prepared by Daniela Wolff.
Place: Oedmühle: Kasten 31, A 4893 Zell am Moos in Upper-Austria (close to Salzburg

Teaching: € 525
Vegetarian full board, snacks & beverage: € 190
A prepayment of € 190 has to be transfered to Daniela Wolff! (Only the prepayment!)
Bank: Raika Mondseeland:
IBAN: AT87 3432 2000 0032 6504

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Booking & Infos: Florian Palzinsky
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